About us

We're a family run 3D print & design studio reimagining the world of table top gaming. Keeping #homebrewmeistery at its finest. We create support-free miniatures and terrain easily printable on FDM SLA 3D printers. We don’t waste our time removing supports, and we don’t think you should be either. We want to help everyone spend more time among friends and family. Our goal is to help you keep your campaigns going farther by regularly releasing new designs, and not wasting your time or money. Let’s keep the excitement and frustration around the table. Join us as we load another reel of filament in the printer.

The Trapmaker.pdf

We are proud to present out first adventure "The Trapmaker". This adventure is designed for 3-5 level 3 players. Our adventures are created as a series of exciting one-shots, that can be connected together or enjoyed individually(no backstory is required). We have paired this homebrew with several custom 28mm minis to set apart any campaign. The Trapmaker 28mm, Feral Ratfolk 28mm, Burrowing Serpent 28mm, Strongbox 28mm, and the Melting Candle 28mm are unique to “The Trapmaker” adventure. These minis are available for download on Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

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Our Commitment

We're committed to creating support-free 28mm miniatures easily printable on FDM SLA 3D printers. We are proud to regularly release our support-free miniature designs for FREE. Our goal is to keep your gruesome details of defeat to be at the table amongst family and friends rather than at the printer. We've got a lot of exciting things brewing at Belvedere House Games. Witness #Homebrewmeistery at its finest by signing up below.